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Using the information you gave us when purchasing your slot, we checkout the sneakers for you on release day. Simply check your email post-release.

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Checkout a slot for your favourite upcoming release. The service fee for each item depends on the stock of the item, and difficulty to obtain it.


Delivered wthin 3-4 days of the release from the retailer. If for any reason your order is unsuccessful you will be refunded right away.

The Process

The easiest it's ever been.

Our process is optimized to provide you with the product you want, without the stress.

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Upcoming Releases

At the start of every month, this page will be updated with the Sole Strike Slot Calendar which will display the shoes we will be running slots for in that given month.

Pricing is determined by the limited nature and availability of the product.

Note: If any releases are subject to any type of change, then we will make a formal announcement on our Twitter.

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