Company Overview

We have been in the sneaker game for over 10 years now. We understand how hard it can be to secure limited releases now a-days. That is why we decided to start Sole Strike. We have been in business for nearly 1 year now and have secured over 10 thousand items (Sneakers, and Clothing). We are now known as the biggest Add To Cart service in the market, as well as “The home of the 2 for 1 special.”

How it works

You, the customer, provide Sole Strike with all of your Auto-Checkout information, including your email address, shipping details, and payment info. Complete your order on our site. On release day, we will run your order through our system and use the info you provided us with, to secure the sneaker on your behalf.


Come release day we will use the info you gave us when checking out on our site. We will run your info across every site dropping the desired sneaker you’re after. The shoes will then be delivered to your doorstep by the retailer we used to checkout your sneakers through. If for any reason your order is unsuccessful, you will be refunded immediately for your service fee.